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Clinical issues in HIV

HIV continues to be prevalent worldwide and, although the success of antiretroviral therapy has fortunately contributed to an increasing life expectancy, no cure is currently available. In addition to the ongoing management of HIV, long-term concerns and co-morbidities are critical to consider. 

Re-launched in 2017, Clinical issues in HIV provides healthcare professionals, from physicians and clinical leads, to hospital nurses and GPs, with comprehensive and practical guidance in diagnosing, treating and managing HIV. The journal publishes case study-based articles to present current clinical practice, thinking and issues in HIV.

The latest issue of Clinical Issues in HIV  is available free of charge in print (UK only) and online, and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Consultant editors:

David Hicks MB.ChB DRCOG Dip Ven FRCOG FRCP FFSRH PG Cert Retired GUM and HIV Consultant, now acting as the Medical Director at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Karen Rogstad MB BS (Hons) FRCP MBA PG Cert MedE
Lead Academic Directorate of Communicable Diseases and Consultant in HIV and Sexual Health, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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