company profile

Hayward Medical Communications (HMC) is a leading agency in medical and pharmaceutical publishing, based in Newmarket and London. 

Since the company's inception in 1991, our commitment to innovation has equipped us with the vision to keep ahead in a fast-changing market through the provision of a growing range of multimedia options to reach specific target audiences. Our services cover a wide spectrum and include consultancy and business relations, communications programme planning and professional training. Our major customer is the pharmaceutical industry; however, in addition, we work with government organisations, charities and non-governmental organisations – both nationally and internationally. 

The company's origins in the healthcare and pharmaceutical publishing sector remain a major theme of our business, with a portfolio of more than 15 regular publications with a readership in the UK and abroad.

  HMC has played a key role in the dynamic healthcare environment in
the UK in recent years. Our services have promoted:

Improvements to the structure of the NHS
Public expectations of medical care and health services
New and innovative medicines and treatments
Cost-effectiveness in healthcare spending
Education for doctors and nurses in the community and in hospital
National government healthcare policy

Each in turn has brought new opportunities to HMC, with new and
innovative communication channels designed to reach a diverse range of audiences – including the general public, medical professionals, healthcare managers and policy-makers.